Music Department Learning Outcomes

By graduation, music majors will do the following at a level consistent with their degree (BA/BS/BME).

  • Identify music’s elements, forms, and processes.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the major historical periods, composers, styles, and genres of music.
  • Develop and defend musical judgements and self-assess their efforts.
  • Perform with technical proficiency and artistic expression on their instrument or voice and associated repertoire.
  • Collaborate and lead through ensemble performance and conducting.
  • Apply pedagogical skills in their area and, where applicable, will meet qualification requirements for certification by the Utah State Office of Education.

The curriculum of the required core education requirements for all majors is built upon these six learning outcomes.

In conjunction with the learning outcomes, the goals of the Music Department are as follows:

  • To prepare students for performance opportunities in the department and after graduation.
  • To prepare students for studio teaching opportunities.
  • To prepare students for certified school teaching opportunities.
  • To prepare students for graduate school.
  • To foster an atmosphere of excellence in the classroom, in rehearsal, and in performance.
  • To prepare students for diverse freelance opportunities.
  • For faculty and students to have a high profile in the cultural community.