Festival Schedule


September 16-17, 2016
Dolores Doré Eccles Fine Arts Center

Dr. Ka-Wai Yu, Cello Festival Director
Guest Artists: Rosin Cello Duo – Daniel Gaisford & Jessika Soli
Composer-in-Residence: Elena Chiu
Percussions Soloist: Dr. Glenn Webb, Chair of the DSU Music Department
Pianist: Brandon Lee, DSU Piano Faculty
Lecturers: Dr. Paul Abegg & Dr. Robert Matheson, DSU String Faculty

Tentative Schedule

Sept 16 (Fri)
350-430 registration
440-6 welcome & large cello ensemble session 1
7:30 Cello Recital by Dr. Ka-Wai Yu, world premiere of Elena Chiu’s duo for cello and percussion

Sept 17 (Sat)
7:45-8:45 free donuts & juice, late registration, The Music Store display in foyer
8:45-10 large cello ensemble session 2
10-11:15 Dr. Ka-Wai Yu master class / junior ensemble with Jessika Soli
11:15-12:15 lecture-demo by Dr. Robert Matheson – “Smart Ways of Practicing String Instruments”
12:15-1:30 free pizza lunch
1:30-2:15 large cello ensemble session 3
2:15-3:30 Cello Rosin Duo concert/demo
3:30-4:30 small ensembles coached by Rosin Duo and Ka-Wai Yu
4:30-5:45 Rosin Duo master class / technique class with Ka-Wai Yu for junior cellists
5:45-7 dinner on your own
7 sound check
7:30 final concert

Highlights of Cello Ensemble Repertoire (subject to change)
Vivaldi: Double Cello Concerto in G Minor – featuring Rosin Duo as soloists
J. S. Bach: Cello Suite No. 6 (excerpts)
J. S. Bach: Air on a G String
Haydn: St. Anthony Chorale
Popper: Suite, Op. 16
Plum Blossoms (Chinese art song)
Coldplay: Viva la vida
John Williams: Star Wars
Music from James Bond
Composition by Elena Chiu (World Premiere)