Cello Festival


Competition Results:

Congratulations to the winners of the Brimhall Cello Competition!  As pointed out by our adjudicators, this was such a great, talented group of young cellists in the event.  We would like to congratulate every single participant in both rounds of the competition.  Join us to hear the first-prize winners perform in the Matinee Chamber Concert at 2pm in Eccles Concert Hall tomorrow (Sat).

Watch the final round livestream – click here

Matinee Chamber Concert livestream – click here

Junior Division:

First Prize – Austin Park

Second Prize – Paul Yan Clayton

Third Prize – Aliya Gardner

Honorable Mention – Jaydenn Kunzler

Senior Division:

First Prize – Charles Jarvis

Second Prize – Elowen Schmidt

Third Prize – Kimberly Lewin

Honorable Mention – Sam Moore & Kiersten Schaub







Ages 15 or younger


Full-time high school or undergraduate students within the ages of 16 to 25


1) One movement from J. S. Bach’s Cello Suites

2) Contestant’s own choice.

*It is suggested that repertoire beyond the required work be varied in both time period and style.


Total Performance Time:

Junior Division: 5-10 minutes

Senior Division: 7-15 minutes

a) Time limits are suggestions only. Performances under the minimum will not be disqualified. Nevertheless, contestants are encouraged to fully utilize the performance time to feature themselves in the best possible light.

b) The cutting of lengthy piano tutti sections is strongly encouraged.

Further guidelines and considerations:

a) Complete works or complete single movements from works will be required of all contestants.

b) No composer may be represented more than once in each contestant’s program.  Multiple movements of the same work are permitted but two composers MUST be represented.

c) All works (including sonatas) performed in the Final Round must be played by memory.


Preliminary Recording

A Preliminary recording (YouTube link) is due on September 1 with the competition registration.  The required repertoire (Bach) must be included. Other work(s) presented on the recording not required to be the same as the potential live Final Competition.

Recordings must be in video format. Please upload it to YouTube and submit the link of your video.  Each piece or movement must be recorded without editing. Edited performances will be disqualified. Contestants should submit as high quality recording as possible.

Piano accompaniment is not required for the preliminary recording

Final Round

September 17 afternoon in Eccles Concert Hall

Accompanist required for pieces originally written with a piano or orchestra

An official accompanist will be available to rehearse with entrants on Sept 17 prior to the competition. The official accompanist will be hired by the festival.  While entrants are allowed to bring their own accompanists if preferred, any such accompanist’s fee (unless it is the festival’s official accompanist) will not be covered by the festival.

*The competition reserves the rights to add a semi-final round if needed due to the number and performance level of the participants

Competition Prizes

Junior Division

  • first-prize $500
  • second-prize $250
  • third-prize $150

Senior Division

  • first-prize $1000
  • second-prize $400
  • third-prize $200

*The adjudicators and the Cello Festival Director reserved the rights not to award any of the above prizes based on the level of the competition

*The first-prize winners will be invited to perform in the 3-pm Matinee Chamber Concert on September 18.


Display image of Dr. Miranda Wilson

Dr. Miranda Wilson

Adjudicator (Preliminary Round)

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Display image of Patrick Hopkins

Patrick Hopkins

Adjudicator (Preliminary Round)

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Display image of Tom Landschoot

Tom Landschoot

Adjudicator (Final Round)

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Display image of Susan Lamb Cook

Susan Lamb Cook

Adjudicator (Final Round)

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All competition participants must also register for the DSU Cello Festival. Enter the competition by filling out the Cello Festival Registration,.  The competition registration fee is $25 in addition to the festival registration fee of $50 (i.e. a total of $75).

Click here to download the PDF file of the above competition rules.



Dr. Ka-Wai Yu

Festival Director

Email: Ka-Wai.Yu@dixie.edu

Phone: 435-652-7797

Office: Eccles 138