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Cello Festival Application

Registration fee: $50 ($40 before July 15), including access to all classes, cello ensemble sessions, concerts, and more (Free registration for ASTA members and Dixie State University full-time students)

Cello Festival Application

Participant Information

(Adult Sizes Only)

Emergency Contact Information

Proficiency Level

All participants will be assigned to one of the following three cello ensembles. Please choose your cello playing level below. The ensemble directors and artist teachers of the Festival reserve rights on final ensemble and seating arrangement decisions.

Festival Soloists – advanced and professional players; treble, tenor and bass clefs with frequent use of higher and thumb positions
ACelloRondo – intermediate players; 1st-4th positions and in bass clef, with occasional tenor-clef passages in 5th-7th positions.
Ensemble Bravo – young and young-by-heart beginners; music stays in first position with limited bowing complexities.

Comfort level in clef-reading using the scale 1, 2 or 3 (3 being most comfortable)
Would you like to perform a solo in one of the “Chamber Music in the Foyer” concert series (during breakfast & lunch) on September 18?
*For advanced students only; selection by video audition (and teacher’s recommendation if needed). Submit YouTube link (2-4 minutes) to the Director through email by September 1, 2021. Additional accompanist fee may be required if chosen to perform.

Intermediate and Advanced Workshops

For September 18 choose one workshop per session that you would like to attend.
11-11:50am Session
1-1:50pm Session
4-4:50pm Session

Beginner Workshops

For September 18 choose one workshop per session that you would like to attend.
10-10:50am Session
11-11:50am Session
4-4:50pm Session
Would you like to participate in the Brimhall Cello Competition?

Brimhall Cello Competition

Division *
I authorize Dixie State University to use concert/workshop photos, videos and recordings that I am a part of during the DSU Cello Festival for future publicity purposes related to the festival. *